Pro Trade Copycat Signals Review – Does It Work?

Pro Trade CopyCat Trading Signals…

Pro Trade Copycat Signals is one of the latest forex trading products to hit the market here in early 2011. The pre launch period is already underway. Official release is set for Tuesday March 8, 2011, but we have heard rumours that you may be able to get a copy before that.

Pro Trade CopyCat


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Now you no doubt have probably heard about the pending release of Pro Trade CopyCat. Perhaps like me you are a bit suspicious whenever a new forex trading system or service is announced. Let’s be realistic, there have been some good forex systems lately but there have been a number of forex products hitting the market that are just not worth using. The hard part is trying to determine which are good and which ones are pure junk without wasting valuable time or money checking them out.


We have been trying to post reviews and updates of some of the better systems of late. We too have been fooled by a few of the over hyped products in the past. Therefore we have not posted about some of the forex trading systems lately. It is our goal to provide helpful and useful information to our readers.

Is Pro Trade CopyCat Different?

When I first heard about this new Pro Trade CopyCat signal service I was not sure yet if it was worth a look. I did however look into Pro Trade CopyCat a bit more before writing this post. Although there wasn’t a whole lot of specifics on the web site at first I was soon very pleased to discover that I could have access to the members area of the Pro Trade CopyCat system.


It is still being added to as I write this now. I found a wealth of information available which will be very helpful to anyone who gives ProTrade CopyCat a real test. Now I don’t usually know any of the persons involved with these product launches but am happy to say that the head of the support team is a guy named Daniel. I have known Daniel for about 3 years now, I first had contact with him in 2008 when we were both members of a private internet forum and coaching site. One thing I can say is that Daniel is a man of integrity and would not connect himself with a forex trading system if it wasn’t legit. If fact Daniel created some of the training and instruction videos inside the Pro Trade CopyCat members area.


So let’s have a closer look at the different Pro Trade CopyCat systems. First off the main product is ProTrade CopyCat Signals service and membership. This system provides you with forex trading signals that you then enter manually to your own trading account. The price is $ 37.00 per month which gives you signals and access to the members area. The signals are for the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and EUR/JPY pairs currently. More pairs may be added in the future. The take profit with the trades are set at 100 pips so the trades may last 1-2 days before they close. (Note a trade signal may be provided to close a trade early if market conditions warrant)


Additional optional packages are available for those traders that are looking for a more automated system or more trading opportunities.

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  • You may also choose to Pro Trade CopyCat Wireless EA copier. This will provide signals for the same pairs as the manual CopyCat service. Although this an automated system that copies all the trades provided by the service without you needing to manually enter each one. The price for this is $147.00 one time fee.


  • Another manual version called the Pro Trade CopyCat Executive which can be used for markets other than the forex markets. Some traders have been using it for trading the futures and stock markets. Cost is $97.00 one time charge.


  • Finally there is the ProTrade CopyCat Swiper Deluxe which is an EA that trades only the EUR/USD on the 1 hour chart. It has a very specific set of rules and may only trade once a week or more often if conditions are met. You are also able to set your own risk levels so this is better used by more experienced traders. The cost is $77.00 one time charge.


Now before you start thinking the pricing is too high, then you need to check out the low cost trial offered. You can get your own copy of Pro Trade CopyCat to test on your own account for a mere $1.00, that is right a full 7 days to test Pro Trade CopyCat for just $1.00. At that price it would be foolish not to give ProTrade a test.


Another point I must make is that all indications I have seen are that the ProTrade team are giving you a full 71 days guarantee period. How’s that for confidence in their products? I can not recall any forex system of software that offered such a long guarantee period ever. Most are no longer than the normal 60 days and some as short as 30 days.

ProTrade CopyCat

So I recommend that you give Pro Trade CopyCat a real serious test and see for yourself if it isn’t the best trading system you have seen this year. You are fully covered by the guarantee and the full membership area has plenty of video instructions, manuals, weekly analysis and Frequently asked questions that will help guide you to a profitable trading career. If you ever have a question that is not answered you can contact the complete support staff headed up by Daniel where you will be helped with any issues concerning Pro Trade Copycat.

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2 Responses to “Pro Trade Copycat Signals Review – Does It Work?”

  • Sybrand says:

    I signed for a $1 trial membership of Protrader Copycat for 7 days. The $1 was deducted from my credit card and to my disgust I noticed that a further approximately $97 was later taken from my account! Furher more, I can not get to sign in to the “Membership” area today!I have asked for a refund today – will see what will happen.

    Hope there is some way to stop these con men. Any advise of what to do?

  • admin says:

    I hope you were able to get your full refund through Plimus. I have never had any bad experiences with them. I have even seen them refund purchases after the official refund period.

    I don’t think you will have any problem getting a refund, if that is what you want.

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