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Trading in the forex markets is gaining popularity among many people. With the advancements in technology, even a person living in a remote location can participate in this exciting arena. You may not become rich over night, but with patience you too can become wealthy and free.

by Sachin Gupta

Success or failure of forex trading strategies techniques is dependent upon information and implementation. Indeed, the genuine determiner of competition in foreign exchange trading is the information available and the method applied. This is the reason why at expert have chosen the best trading methodologies available in the market. The currency market transacts billions of dollars every day making it one of the most enticing markets.

The forex trading strategies we recommend and employ have been tested over time and have one main overriding theme – increasing value and income for the client. We also believe in trading with strategies that help cover the different timeframes across which our clients are, focusing on the correlation between the existing market movements and trends.

Our main secrets include;

Pivots: primarily based on the Pivot Point Trading System, this method focuses on SR levels which derive from the average range of the prior day’s trading. It helps show both the exit and entry points, providing a straightforward research for seasoned traders. This makes it one of the easiest and result-oriented tools in the industry and has proved extremely successful over a period of time. This strategy, as has been discussed in other trading systems utilized by, will depend on the market trend with our focus being to ride the movements till we hit the S1/R1; unless the market momentum claims otherwise.

Sniper: The sniper strategy focuses on the alignment of the 50 period moving averages on all the timeframes. When the 5min timeframes jumps out of line the higher timeframes have a tendency to pull it back in line with them. We enter the trade when that correction occurs. We execute this strategy between 6-8am UK time in order to take advantage of the London open when liquidity really increases. It is an easy to use and user-friendly trading strategy with clear, precise entry points.

Snakes: This is a method of re-entering a trade when consolidation forms. We will often take trades off pivot levels and exit as soon as price stops to breath. This will give us our initial profit before price reaches our overall target. We will then re-enter when the snake is formed and price breaks that consolidation

Ambush Trade: The Ambush Trade makes use of Fibonacci levels. When price has dropped from a pivot level, you will often see a retrace back to the 50% fib level. When price breaks the 50% level back down, we can enter the trade again, and take profit at the swing low of the move. It works the same for trades long or short. This is extremely powerful and many traders use Fibonacci in this way to squeeze every penny out of the retrace moves. We tend to use this entry when the consolidation on the Snakes didn’t break.

The currency market is a highly unstable trading environment that has to use market and time tested foreign exchange trading methods to operate efficiently. As an open trading methodology competition depends on the level of information available to the user and the systems put to use. Our techniques as explained above are commended as some of the best and efficient currency trading strategies. International foreign exchange trading establishments including transnational banks also use these techniques.

About the Author: – Expert Trading provides a service which allows their professional traders to automatically copy their trades onto your Forex account. Benefit from our expert trading strategies and techniques automatically without having to go through the traders psychology which destroys so many traders.

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