Forex Pip Bot Review – Is Forex Pip Bot a Scam Or Not?

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Forex Pip Bot Review –completely automated forex trading robot goes live June 3, 2010. Never before has there been a forex robot quite like this one. I know they all say they are different that the rest. While may are just rehashed programs from the past every once in a while something a bit different does appear. In short review of Forex PipBot we will cover a few of the differences and features of the new Forex Pip Bot automated trading machine.

While many of these programs are referred to as robots the developers of the FX PipBot are calling this a trading machine. The name itself conjures up thoughts of great power and results. Time will tell if that is really the case. Real live trading results have been promised , but as of writing have not been made available yet. We expect them to be live on the Forex Pip Bot website prior to June 3 though.

The initial launch pricing will be $97. This pricing is inline with the many other forex trading robots and systems seen in the marketplace these days. While there are a few that sell for considerably more, the vast majority are in the $87 – $127 range.

Designed by a group of successful forex traders, these guys have built in ease of use for even the newest traders. You don’t need to learn extensive chart reading or algorithms before you start using Forex PipBot. The new trader can have this installed and running in a matter of minutes with the built in automatic installer. Not to leave the more experienced traders out, FX PipBot is easily ‘scaled’ to suit the professional trader. All members get access to the exclusive member section full of tutorials, user guides and much more.

One feature that I find unique with Forex Pip Bot is that every time it starts it automaticly checks and downloads the latest codes to be able to perform at its peak. Helping you to generate more profits from your trading activity. Add in automatic lot sizing, money management and broker protection technology and you have a robust trading system. Using their new technology, they are calling – A.M.E or the Adaptive Market Engine, it can easily adapt to the ever changing markets. From what we have seen FX PipBot is a trading machine that all traders should look at. It may not be for you, but you won’t know for sure until you try it yourself.

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