Fibonacci Killer Forex Trading System Review

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Fibonacci Killer is the latest forex trading system from Michael Lenee. Many will be familiar with Micheal’s other forex releases. UnLimitedForex and ForexTrigger.

Fibonacci Killer signals software was released for sale to the public on Saturday May 7, 2010. An unusual day for a new release but, it is great in that it allows traders to learn more about the system before the markets open Sunday night or Monday morning depending on your time zone.

Rumor is that Michael has been keeping Fibonacci Killer a secret for almost 12 years. That has given him plenty of time to test and adjust the system to perform at its best.

Features of Fibonacci Killer include:

  • provides entry and exit signals

  • includes stop loss setting that minimize losses

  • capital risk controls

The Fibonacci Killer trading system works independently of your trading platform or broker, so you can use the ones of your choice. Works on TradeStation and NinjaTrader as well as MetaTrader platforms. This gives you more choices of brokers to use. You can also use FibonacciKiller for commodities, stocks and bonds too.

To start using Fibonacci Killer takes only minutes. Once you complete the order you will have instant download access. Installation can be done in under 10 minutes. You don’t need extensive prior trading knowledge to start using FibonacciKiller.

Michael is including some nice bonuses when you place your order today. With a price tag of $87, Fibonacci Killer should be accessible to most traders. It is comparable in price to many other forex signal programs available on the market today.

While you can start trading on a live account immediately we highly recommend that you run it on a demo forex account first to get a real feel for how it works and performs.

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