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Stealth Forex Signals My Insider Review

Will Stealth Forex Signals Make You Rich?

Start generating profits now using Stealth Forex Signals. That statement is probably much like the headline in the many emails you most likely have received about the new Stealth Forex Signals program. Originally planned for release in December 2010, the new release date is January 4, 2011.

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Stealth Forex Signals Pro

Of course it sounds good, but is it? I’m sure you have had your fair share of hyped up forex trading systems or products in the past. Like me, you just want the straight goods. Not some over blown, exaggerated claims about making you rich by the end of next week.

So can Stealth Forex Signals really deliver? Well lets have a look at what we do know so far. First off the forex trading market is huge, some of the latest numbers report that up to $ 4Trillion dollars are traded daily in the forex markets. With so much activity and potential for profits. It is not a surprise that the number of people trading forex is growing daily as well. What with the recent and ongoing financial turmoil in the world. The desire for more income streams is growing too.

People are looking for ways to secure their own future and not just relying on Government pensions or even union pensions. Many of which have dropped in value and are now paying out far less than the retiring workforce was expecting and counting on.

Even if you are still of working age. The number of people who have lost their jobs is staggering. With little hope of finding a new job people are turning to the internet and markets to find a different income source. One that can be produced from the comfort of their own home.

So How Can Stealth Forex Signals Help?

For new traders one of the biggest pitfalls is allowing their emotions to get in the way of logical and methodical trading. This is also the same problem some traders struggle with their whole trading career.

Stealth Forex Signals allows you to trade with confidence because the emotional part is removed. Just set up the program on your computer and wait for the signals to be provided to you. You will be able to start producing regular gains without risking everything. While you can start trading with little knowledge of the forex markets it is always wise to learn as much as you can as you continue trading.

I was fortunate to get a copy of the Stealth Forex Signals for research and testing use. As yet I haven’t had a chance to run it on any live tests. But I was happy to see that the manual provided with it also recommends that you become educated about the forex markets and have at least a basic understanding of how the money is made including how to calculate profit and loss.

Stealth Forex Signals Details:

Stealth Forex Signals is available in more than one version. The first is the basic forex signals software service which will be sold for $ 49 per month. This basic service will enable you to trade some of the most common currency pairs.

  • Trades 4 Currency pairs – EUR/USD, GBP/USD,AUS/USD and USD/JPY
  • Quick installation – took me just a minute or two to install
  • User manual explaining use of Stealth Forex Signals program
  • Requires that you have MetaTrader installed on your computer
  • Trades can be transferred to any trading platform of your choice, not limiting you to just MetaTrader
  • Trades long term strategy (not scalping)
  • Provides target price and stop loss values

There is a more advanced version also called Stealth Forex Signals Pro Version which provides more currency pairs and a choice of the standard long term strategy or scalping strategy. This version is an additional $79 one time purchase.

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Some of the additional features of Stealth Forex Signals Pro Version:

  • Choice of 2 trading strategies – Long term or scalping
  • Fast Easy installation
  • Instruction/ users manual

These additional currency pairs and trading strategy options will allow you to trade those pairs that are more likely to generate winning trades. If you are wanting even more trading options a robot version will be sold too. The price of it will be $ 69 one time purchase.

While Stealth Forex Signals appears to be a well designed package. You can never expect any trading system, method or program to provide you with only winning trades. The perfect 100% system has yet to be developed, or at least make available to the general public. I suspect most traders will opt for the basic version and add on the Pro version to help diversify their trading opportunities. While a robot may be of interest to some traders. It appears that forex traders are now looking for something a bit more hands on and less automated.

So What Will You Gain From Stealth Forex Signals?

The biggest benefit I see is that you will be able to trade forex knowing that your trades are in your hands. And that you are not just entering trades on a whim, your trades will be entered with confidence that they have a high likely hood of ending as a win. The elimination of your emotional roller coaster wondering if you selected the right trade and an end to second guessing every move or trade you make.

You should always test all new systems on a demo account first to ensure that you have everything set up correctly. A small error in a setting can make all the difference between a win or loss.

Don’t delay reserve your copy of Stealth Forex Signals service today. Your purchase is covered by a full 60 day risk free return period. If not completely satisfied you can simply request a full no questions asked refund.

I know one thing for sure and that is that no one ever made a success trading forex if they never started. Click the secure order button below now to get started with Stealth Forex Signals today.

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