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Reservoir Pips EA – ReservoirPips Reviewed

Reservoir Pips – The latest release from the Next Generation Fx Trading offices. They are set to release one of their top secret projects to the world. It is a revolutionary forex trading expert advisor.

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Forex robot – ReservoirPips will be unveiled at 9:00 AM EST on Tuesday April 6, 2010. Many of the long term customers of Next Generation Fx Trading products are anxiously awaiting the official release and launch of the Reservoir Pips EA. Here is our quick Reservoir Pips review as follows.

By now you may be wondering why you should check out this latest forex trading robot. With so many robots available how do you decide which ones to use. Firstly many robots are promoted by showing back test results and do not show real live results as they may not show good returns.

The guys at Next generation Fx have not just tested ReservoirPips with back tests but with real live trading results too. They spend months doing back tests, forward tests – tweaking then tweaking some more. They make regular changes to ensure it will adapt to the ever changing forex markets. Now I have not had a chance to do my own tests, but Next Generation is claiming they have a 12 month track record with 100% winning trades.

Now that sounds pretty impressive, but is it true? My recommendation is to check out the sale page yourself, view the live trading results then make your own educated decision. I am not making a personal claim that it will not loose a trade. Yet as there are more and more forex robots created, it would seem logical that there should be increasing positive results.

Features of the Reservoir Pips Forex Expert Advisor:

  • Trades one currency pair – EUR/USD on the 30 minute time frame chart

  • Fully automated – no prior trading experience required – (we still suggest that you learn as much about the forex market and trading as you can)

  • Lifetime email support – 24/7 – goal is to answer all email inquiries within 12 hours

  • One of the biggest complaints from many other forex robot releases is that the new customers are unable to get help and support from the support team. The team at Next Generation Fx Trading have gone to great lengths to ensure that you are not left out in the cold with Reservoir Pips.

Prior to the release of ReservoirPips the Next Generation guys will be releasing a complete case study and FAQs. Many of your questions will be answered by these materials. Still on top of that they will be opening Live Chat with their support team, so you can have any questions you may have answered even before the official launch date of April 6.

So how much will this new expert advisor cost? Reservoir is set to launch for $97.00, which is inline with other forex robots released recently.

Once you get to the order page you will then have the option to add 1 or 2 additional products to your arsenal. These are both exclusive offerings from Next Generation Fx Trading.

Option 1 – Exclusive Forex Kryptonite EA – selling for $97.00

Option 2 – Exclusive – Forex Redemption EA – sells for $97.00

Now you don’t have to purchase these to additional options, but you will only have one chance to get them during your check out process for Reservoir Pips EA. You can choose 1 or both of the extra offers or choose just one of them. Like the ReservoirPips offering you will have a 60 day money back period, so you are not risking anything if you add the options.

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Of the many forex trading systems, robot and courses I have seen lately this offering from Next Gen. Fx looks like it will be well received.

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