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Pro Forex Robot Does It Trade Like Ron Carter?

Pro Forex Robot from Ron Carter. You may not have heard of Ron before now, but he is not new to the forex trading world. In fact Ron traded on the floor for 28 years. In this time Ron learnt how to pick the good trades on a regular basis. He was so successful that many other floor traders watched and when Ron traded so did they as they knew that Ron could pick the winners.

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Now after leaving floor trading behind Ron joined with a team of the best programmers to develop Pro Forex Robot. Of course like you and me Ron does not know everything about trading, nobody knows it all. With the combined minds of all involved PFR was born. Release date of PFR is set for Tuesday May 25, 2010 – 9:00 AM EST (New York Time)

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So by now you have heard about this new forex robot from the ex floor trader. But is it any good? Does it work better than the rest?

Built around the unique trading style of a successful floor trader, ProForexRobot stands alone in the field. Ron is not afraid to show you live trading results either. While backtests may be useful, real live trading results trump backtests every time. You can become financially free trading the forex market, but it isn’t for everybody either. Even with a robot you still need to check its performance and make sure everything is working well. Your internet connection is vital, a poor connection can prevent signals being passed from the robot on your computer and the broker. So while the robot can trade automaticly, there are still a few items you need to provide to ensure that it works as expected.

    Some Pro Forex Robot features –
  • world class support staff – a robot with support is vital
  • trades 100% hands free
  • no prior trading experience necessary
  • no need to read complex charts
  • easy step by step setup
  • past records of over 85% monthly returns (note these returns are not guaranteed, your results will vary)

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To learn more details and have all your questions answered Ron and his team are holding two free webinars and giving you a free PFR report. Webinar dates are Monday May 24, 2010 at 3:30PM EST and 7:30PM EST. Ron will be in attendance.

Start building your wealth and retirement nest egg now. Pro Forex Robot will help you generate the income you desire and deserve. With a full money back guarantee you can try Pro Forex Robot on a demo account and see for yourself just how profitable forex trading can be.

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