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Review – Will Trader Swiper Pile Cash Into Your Wallet?

Trader Swiper a Bob Iaccino Signal Service

Bob Iaccino does it again. That’s right Bob is releasing Trader Swiper another top forex trading product for your use. Officially set for public release on January 31, 2011 this new TraderSwiper sounds like it will be creating a lot of buzz in the forex trading arena.

You most likely have heard of or even seen Bob Iaccino on some of the top business news shows. He is often called upon as a guest market analyst on CNBC, Bloomberg and FOX Business News. With hundreds of appearances it is obvious that Bob knows what he’s talking about. Otherwise they would have stopped inviting him years ago.

There are not many forex product creators that have been trading as long as Bob’s 17 years. Yes there are a few others, but you could probably count them on one hand. This is one reason why I believe you need to check out the new Trader Swiper system from Bob. With his proven trading track record Bob is one of the real people in the forex world. He actually exists and isn’t just a fake name and paid actor promoting the new service.

Prior to releasing the full Trader Swiper service, Bob is planning to let you in a private webinar where he will be explaining in more detail this new trading product. On top of that you will be able to get free trading tools just for checking out Trader Swiper. Simply Click Here to gain access to your free trading tools from Bob.

Let’s Look Closer At Trader Swiper By Bob Iaccino

Really the basics are simple. Bob is offering a service where by you will get signals from Bob that you use to trade yourself. That is the bare bones of it all. But there is much more to the whole Trader Swiper package that is being offered by Bob.

Trader Swiper is built around Bob’s trading room that you get access to as a member. This includes the signal services from Bob too. Currently we don’t know which currency pairs the signals will cover, but I am sure they will be profitable. The cost Trader Swiper – exclusive trading room access and signals service is $297 per month.

Check Out Bob’s Trader Swiper Video –

Other optional Trader Swiper additions that you may be interested in –

  • Additional Currency pairs – $197 per month
  • Daily Webinars with Bob Iaccino – $129 per month
  • Bob’s Personal Indicator System – $99.95 – one time fee

These three items are completely optional. The base TraderSwiper service is all you need to start making real money today.

You may be thinking that this sounds a bit pricey, but I have always found that you tend to get what you pay for. Besides Bob has a reputation to uphold and an expectation to deliver the ‘goods’. So it would be very unlikely that you would not make back your monthly fee quickly each month. Remember the most important part is your ROI not the initial investment.

As we are all aware Bob is not a new trader or product creator looking to make a fast buck. With over 17 years trading experience and managing large accounts for major investors Bob is no stranger to the markets and has proven he can win at the markets too.

So now is your chance to join the few who will have exclusive access to Trader Swiper. Now is your chance to start making real profits and put all the nay sayers to rest. Don’t wait another minute Click Here to get your copy of Trader Swiper here now.

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