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Forex Secret Profit Signal Software Review

Forex Secret Profit software coming your way May 10, 2010 at 9:00 AM Eastern Time – New York. Long time trader Karl Dittmann is proud to offer you his new trading software which can be used for the forex markets and others like ETF , stocks, options and more. With nearly 30 years trading experience Karl has seen many programs and trading software that just didn’t perform as advertised. Forex Secret Profit is designed to be easy to use and produce results.

To be a successful trader you need a system that works and that you trust. Most traders prefer simple systems or programs. Now is the chance to get an easy to use indicator package.

One of the biggest troubles many traders face is knowing when to enter or exit the trade. They get ready then fear sets in and they are unsure what to do. Many times this ends up in missed opportunities or worse – major losses. To over come this problem some traders turn to forex robots, but they aren’t for everybody either. If you want to have full control of your trades and still have the flexibility to either enter a trade or ignore it then a more manual system is best.

Forex Secret Profit is designed with both newer and experienced traders in mind. You don’t need to know all the technical jargon before you start. It is n easy plug ‘n play system that installs on your computer in minutes.

Forex SecetProfit features

  • built in automatic stop loss calculations

  • simple to understand – Green arrow for Long

    Red arrow for short all easy to read and view

  • no more time wasted wondering what to do

  • safe – risk:reward ratio that ensures regular gains with little loss

  • use with most currency pairs

  • works for any time frame

  • uses Metatrader 4 trading platform

Historically Forex Secret Profit has produced 10-50 signals a day including entry, exit and stop loss. Once the signal is produced it remains on the charts so you can see it later. You can get email notification too.

FX Secret Profit is set to sell for $97.00. Now compared to numerous other forex signal software products introduced in the last few months this is inline with them. You could invest in a high end training course costing $1,000- $3,000, but many traders want to start with less costly option.

Forex Secret Profit review, as always we recommend that you try all forex trading systems on demo account before you use it on a live trading account. You should be comfortable with how it operates before risking ‘real’ dollars. So have fun and enjoy your time trading.

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