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Forex Secret Agent Signal Software – Forex Secret Agent Review

Forex Secret Agent is the latest forex signal software product from Steven Lee Jones and his dedicated forex team. You may recall that Steven has released other well received forex software programs in recent months, Supremo FX is one of note. Following is our short Forex Secret Agent review.

Forex Secret Agent Download

Forex Secret Agent Signal Software is a new program able to trade in todays current conditions. Official release date was Tuesday May 4, 2010 at 12 Noon EST or New York time.

The main software package is a signal program that will allow you to trade the forex market yourself. Unlike a stand alone robot you have full control over any and all trades as they are manually opened and closed by you. Learn to trade like the Pros, with FX Secret Agent on your side you too can “spy” on the markets and know just when and what trades consider. Just let Secret Agent do the tedious job of watching for the best opportunities.

Once you are signaled by Forex SecretAgent that it has found a good trade, then you have the choice to either ignore or open the trade as suggested. Allowing the software to watch the markets greatly reduces or eliminates one of the biggest causes of loosing trades – emotions.

Have you ever heard stories of traders loosing large amounts of money in just one trade? Well, one of the most common causes is emotion, sometimes greed, sometimes fear. Either way you stand a higher chance of ending up with a loosing trade. As such many people who have tried forex trading in the past have soon quite because they just don’t trust their own judgement of when to enter or exit a trade. Time and again we have seen beginner traders close a few winning trades, they become over confident and allow greed to take over looking for the one big trade. They open the next trade with a larger lot size the trade goes against their position and they end up loosing more on that one trade than all the gains of the previous 4 or 5 combined. Don’t let that be you.


Forex Secret Agent will assist you in your everyday trading. Alerting you to trades that have a high probability of ending in a gain. This still gives you complete control over your trading account. You are free to open or ignore any of the trades Secret Agent recommends. Want to take a break from trading for a few days to spend time with family and friends, no problem just ignore any alerts you may receive, it is totally up to you.

Forex Secret Agent Signal Software

  • Takes only minutes to set up

  • Signals are shown on your computer screen and to your email
  • Complete Instruction manual covering settings and install guidelines
  • Easy Plug and Play software

  • One time payment of just US$ 97.00

For additional trading opportunities you will be given the option to purchase advanced versions of the Forex SecretAgent software including:

Forex Secret Agent Pro Version – US$ 77.00

Forex Secret Agent Robot – US$ 67.00

These two packages/addons are not required to run the the base version,but will be made available to those who wish to expand their trading systems further.

Is FX SecretAgent worth buying?

While the trend in the forex markets in the last 12 months or so has been towards using a forex robot, 2010 has been predicted to be the year of signal software. With that in mind Forex Secret Agent is well positioned to be a leader in the pack. Developed by Steven Lee Jones, well known in the forex trading arena. The team spend countless hours in development and making adjustments so that the software will perform for you as well as it does for them. That is one thing I like about this program, the creators use it too, which shows they trust it with their own trading accounts.

We would like to show you actual trading results from FX SecretAgent users, but recent updates to US FTC guidelines preclude this. We are only able to say that we found the program to be of a good quality and are happy with it. Sorry that we are unable to provide more evidence of successful usage at this time.

Yet the final decision is yours. Are you ready to give forex trading a real shot? That is a decision only you can make. If you are still unsure about  Forex Secret Agent , don’t worry. It comes with a full money back guarantee, so you can test it out and see if it is the right fit for you.

We strongly recommend that all traders experienced or just starting out test all new trading systems or robots on a demo account before moving to a live account where real money can be lost.

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