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Forex Samurai Trading System Review, Is It Really Different?

Forex Samurai – the one of a kind forex trading system that has never been seen before. Created by Sam Weir to fill a void in the forex arena where traders want an automated system, but don’t want to rely on a regular forex trading robot. Our Forex Samurai review will cover some of the basics of the system and what makes it different from the other forex trading systems currently available. Being made available to the public for the first time now.

If you have been looking for the perfect forex trading system you most likely have seen the many forex robots available. These can be very useful for traders that have limited time to actively purse their trading activities each day due to work or other commitments. The success rate of a forex robot can be very high. Yet for some traders the thought of allowing their hard earned money to be traded by a computer program is just a bit too scary for them. Forex traders have been using this type of system for awhile now and have been successful with them.

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Forex Samurai was developed for those traders that would like an automated system but still have the comfort that the trading activities are controlled with the input of a real person. FX Samuari works by using the trading signals produced or entered by a real live trader. These signals are then passed quickly to your MetaTrader4 account where there are acted upon by The Forex Samurai. Nothing like this has been made available to the public before.

So while the input signals are not determined by a robot the execution of the signal is. This creates the best of both worlds. Real human trading thought coupled with the speed of execution of computer software.

Features and Benefits of Forex Samurai –

  • uses professional traders signals
  • maximizes profits and minimizes losses
  • full customer support – replies with in 24 hours
  • live chat support also available

The currency pairs which are traded are EUR/USD and GBP/USD, some of the most widely traded pairs in the market. Not only does the Samurai team provide back test results they are making available real live trading results. Live results have been tracked for 16 months or more, giving a good indication of the capabilities of Forex Samurai to perform in today’s  market conditions.

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How much is this one of a kind FX Samurai system going to cost?

The initial investment is $147.00 for the complete Forex Samurai trading system, then $67.00 per month to continue receiving the trading signals. At first glance that looks like it is higher than other forex trading systems or robots. When compared to a stand alone automated forex trading robot, they are a number available that sell for just under $100. But you must remember you do not have direct human input into the trades made by these robots. If you are comfortable with a robot then check out our recent posts links on the right side of this web page to read more about some of them. But if you want to have more input and a human touch in your trading then ForexSamurai may be exactly what you need to take your trading to the next level. With a 95% success rate, FxSamurai could possibly double or triple your trading account in a short period of time.

Check it out now before it’s too late. A better future for you and your family may be just a click away.

The only way to know for sure is to experience Forex Samurai in action on your own trading account. Start with a demo account first to see how well it performs, then when you are ready just switch it over to your live trading account. Order Forex Samurai now!

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