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Forex Bullet Proof Review Truth About This New FX Robot

forex bullet proofForex Bullet Proof Review – Is the latest Forex Robot from the guys who have already changed the forex robot market for ever. Steve along with Mike and Ulrich. Together they are an unstoppable trio. Never ending testing and developing of trading methods and systems.

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Previous products they worked on include ForexAutoPilot then they collaborated to introduce FAP Turbo. What a major game changer. In fact FapTurbo is the best selling forex robot in history, selling over 75,000 copies worldwide. This state of the art robot was my introduction to automated forex trading. Without any prior experience using an automated trading system it was easy to get it set up and started on my demo account. Not even knowing what to expect it quickly started trading and produced small regular profits on my demo account.

So What Makes Forex Bullet Proof Different?

It has become obvious that many traders especially newer traders are looking for a solid, secure method to increase profits and produce long term gains. The base of Forex Bullet Proof is that it trades in a very secure and safe manner. By giving up to concept of BIG and FAST gains, which comes with great risk. You may have heard the ‘story’ of the big win by someone else. While they do come from time to time, in order to have a big gain you need to risk a high margin of your account. Rather than a safer 1 or 2 % of your account risking 10 % or more may show a big return if it goes your way it may bring a margin call on your account if the trade goes against you.

Forex Bullet Proof is well suited to traders who want the slow steady gains month in and month out. In fact Steve claims it will build your account steadily at about 5% per month. That is quite a bit less than the claims made for FAPTurbo which was to double it each month. It is possible but requires higher risk than most traders are willing to take. So by aiming for much smaller but steady gains FX Bullet Proof is much less likely to cause any major drawdown on your trading account. Besides if you were to maintain a 5% gain each month that is still more than most saving accounts are offering these days.

So How Does Forex Bullet Proof Accomplish This?

The major difference and way Forex Bullet Proof is unique from other automated forex robots and trading systems is the amount of ‘code’ it has to do the calculations of when and what to trade. A majority of forex robots these days have a few hundred lines of ‘code’. Fx Bullet Proof on the other hand has 4000 lines of ‘code’. As a comparison FAP Turbo and Mega Droid have only half that many. So while Turbo and MegaDroid have been popular and successful for a large number of users, Bullet Proof has superior coding in comparison.

So what does this all mean? Well by increasing the lines of code, meaning the instructions used to operate the forex robot, you have a much greater capacity for it to work as expected. The increased code helps produce more rules, guidelines and instructions to the robot allowing greater control of every function. Steve has had this project underway for 6 years already. He found he had increasing profits for over 2300 days without lose of deposit.

Top Features of Forex Bullet Proof

Designed to be ‘crisis’ proof. What? FX Bullet Proof will auto adjust to changing and volatile markets. Getting out of a trade quickly if the market shifts abruptly and starts heading to other way. Crisis proof by being able to self adjust to specific brokers and working with both instant execution and market execution brokerages.

Best pair to trade? The major pair – EUR/USD is the recommended pair to trade first, you can add the USD/JPY once your deposit is large enough. Recommended starting deposit for trading the EUR/USD pair is at least $450.00, if you plan to trade the USD/JPY pair you need at least $4,000.00 in your account. The best results come from trading the EUR/USD pair.

Easy Setup – Forex Bullet proof is simple enough for even the least experienced computer users to be able to quickly and effortlessly set it up. You can set it up on your own computer or run it on a VPS service.

Liquidity issues are a thing of the past– Bullet Proof trades during the market hours and not between the market hours which is common practice for other forex robots. This means that there will never be a lack of liquidity so you can trade fully and not be limited by the lack of funds in the market.

Trading days and hours are specificly selected to produce the greatest trading possibilities. Using small trades the chances of a margin call are all but eliminated. By avoiding any margin call your account will remain intact allowing you to continue increasing your account balance.

Forex Bullet Proof is designed to run on the popular MetaTrader platform. This allows you a great choice of brokerages to use. One thing you may not be aware of is that an additional version of ForexBulletProof which is specificly designed to run on the new Strategy Trader platform which is available with FXCM. This makes Forex Bullet Proof the first commercially available forex robot to utilize the new Strategy trader from FXCM. This new platform was first introduced during the FXCM Expo in Las Vegas. The benefits of the new platform include faster executions which should produce even greater and faster profits.

After having a look at Forex Bullet Proof I predict that it will be one of the most popular forex trading systems ever. Steve is not leaving any thing out, he is openly showing how they developed FX Bullet Proof. Is it time to stop chasing a fast ‘buck’ and start earning the slower but more secure way? I’m sure that many traders just like you are ready to make the switch and start relaxing knowing you have a solid long term solution to your investment goals.

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