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Automated Pips Review Is It Really As Advertized?

automated pips reviewHave been receiving all those emails promoting Automated Pips like I have? If you have been trading forex for any length of time you will no doubt have ended up on a few mailing lists of the big forex Gurus. Just this morning I received at least half a dozen emails announcing the release. Now let’s have a quick review of this new forex system.

Automated Pips claims to be the first forex trading robot that provides 5 years of real time trading data history. Jeff Osbourne the creator of the Automated Pips trading software is very excited to introduce his ‘baby’ to you.

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This new forex trading system will be available to the public starting Tuesday Sept 21, 2010. In the mean time you will have the chance to see the real proof that Jeff talks about. As a thank you for just having a look, he is providing a free indicator to you.

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Jeff is showing trading proof using videos on his site. At first glance the results look quite good. Such as taking a $1,000 deposit in 2006 to $ 90,000 plus today. What is hard to see are the exact numbers as the video resolution makes it hard to actually see everything easily. Despite this it looks as though the results are real.

You will notice that there are loosing trades among the winning trades. Of course the real test is that the number and size of the winning trades out numbers the loosing trades, which is the case with Automated Pips. No forex trader should ever expect to have a 100% winning track record. Losses are an expected and accepted part of trading the forex market.

So what sets Automated Pips apart from other forex trading robots?

  • First – 5 years of real money trading proof
  • ability to adapt to any market conditions
  • ability to trade without any intervention from you
  • trades all major currency pairs
  • support for both 4 and 5 digit brokers
  • supports ECN brokers

Additional details include complete installation videos and guides to ensure a quick and easy set up. Private members area, including support desk and support ticket systems. Your questions will be answered quickly.

The time is now to check out the real proof Jeff provides for yourself, plus  grab your free bonus indicator.

Some of the beta and early users of the Automated Pips system are very happy with AutomatedPips –

Comments such as:

‘ since starting with your system… I don’t have to sit and watch…my account is up 31%… Chris’

‘this is making a reliable income… finally getting…to quit my job and go full time in forex. Leanne’

‘ $8,000 winning the last few weeks… forex is insanely profitable. Jeff’

The forex market is huge and has plenty of room for you to get your part of the pie. Automated trading is becoming a regular method for many forex traders, Automated Pips is one of the trading systems that will no doubt be widely used.  Get a copy and run it on your demo account first to make sure everything is working properly. This is a no risk chance to test it yourself.

How Much Is It Going To Cost?-

  • The base version of AutomatedPips is priced at just $77 which is very much in the pricing average for any forex EA these days.
  • Additional addons include – These are completely optional and are not required in order to benefit from the Automated Pips forex robot.
  • GBP/USD specific system $77
  • Advanced System option – $57
  • Manual Trading System – $37
  • Optional EA Market Optimizer – $87 /month

We know very little about these optional addons as Jeff has not released details on them.   None of these options are required, but are available for those who want them. Just be warned that you will likely see these offered as you move through the final purchase process. So if you just want the base version, simply by pass the add on offers.

As a reward for leaving a comment on the Automated Pips blog you have the opportunity to win a free copy of AutomatedPips.

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